2020-2021 Bucket List

Bucket List / Updates

Try All 31 Flavors at Baskin Robbins – UPDATE The nearest BR is 25 minutes away. This is actually a good thing since I’ve lost 9 pounds since my birthday so I have to make an effort to get a scoop of ice cream. In hindsight, I’m glad I didn’t choose “Try every flavor of donut at Dunkin’ “. That would be an issue. BUT…I did start a few weeks back and here’s the countdown: 1) Jamocha Almond Fudge 2) Vanilla 3) Chocolate 4) Butter Pecan 5) Pumpkin Cheesecake (note to self: Yuck) UPDATE; 10/5/2020: I have abandoned this goal. I don’t really like the texture of their ice cream and the service here absolutely sucks. I feel empowered to know I can abandon something this silly without feeling like a failure 🙂

Start Blogging Again | Write Something Inspiring – UPDATE As you can see…I started to blog again. Writing something inspiring is up to the readers.

Learn to Shoot A Gun: UPDATE 7/17/2021: Took a basic handgun class and spent time in the indoor range. Shot 100 rounds with a 22 handgun. I liked it. A lot. UPDATE 6/22/2021: Signed up for an introductory handgun class and bought two boxes of ammo. Yikes. UPDATE 10/8/2020. I have a gift certificate for a gun store. I wanted to rip it to shreds one day last week. Instead I reached out and scheduled myself for a class on basic handgun safety. A hundred bucks is a hundred bucks. And this skill might come in handy should I move to the bowels of Alabama some day.

Learn To Build A Fire: UPDATE: 10/4/2020 I have been schooled in the art of starting a fire along with instructions on how to keep it going. I am going camping in a few weeks so I shall see if any of this stuck.

Watch the Big Lebowski – UPDATE 9/1/2020 Done. I’m not sure what all the hype is about. BUT…decided to adopt a more relaxed ‘dude-like’ attitude.

Learn To Paddle A Kayak – UPDATE: 8/28/2020 Signed up for a basic paddling class at Lake Springfield and went with two girlfriends. I loved it and vow to go again very soon. Not sure if I want to save money for a kayak – can simply rent them. Let’s see how much I go in the coming 12 months.9/27/2020 Went over to Fellows Lake, rented kayak and paddled around for 2 hours. Next try: River. Still not ready to purchase kayak.

Hike The AT or the PCT: 2/25/20: I’ve been lacing up my boots and hiking local trails to prepare. Two Make-A-Wish chapters have Trailblaze Challenges on the PCT and AT. Possibilities. Possibilities.

Watch The Blues Brothers: UPDATE: 7/7/2021 – Watching this tonight. From the trailer…I’m probably going to hate it.

Travel To A New Place
9/20/20 Shoal Falls, Joplin MO
9/27/20: Fellows Lake, Spfld MO
7/3/21: Eureka Springs, AR

Color My Hair Something Funky – UPDATE 7/1/2021: After the entire COVID upheaval, I’ve cut my hair into a pixie and am just waiting to see what is ‘natural’. UPDATE 8/1/2020 DONE. I put some purple highlights in my hair. I liked them. I didn’t love them.

Schedule a photo shoot UPDATE 9/11/2020 Photo Shoot Scheduled. I’ll post anything that isn’t pornographic.

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