My Bucket List 2021-2022

My birthday is my own private ‘New Year’s Eve’ – the month when my ‘year’ starts all over. And, like a good little Virgo, every year, I make a list of some things I’d like to accomplish and set out to work through the ‘discomfort’.

After all, if we don’t show up for ourselves, who will show up for us? Last year I managed to accomplish everything on my bucket list and I hope to do the same this year. Join with me, encourage me, say a prayer or two. Changes – no matter how small or large – can be difficult to make without a support system. After I’m finished with this list, I’ll see what the Universe has in store for me for the following year.

If you want to read about last year’s bucket list, click here. But, for the next twelve months…this is the plan:

  1. Go car camping for a week. I’ve been following several groups where the members build out their SUVs and vans so they can camp for weeks/months in them. Some live in them full time – like in the movie Nomadland – BUT as long as I have a job, I’m going to pass on this. I’ve set my sights on Michigan, Minnesota, Wyoming, North Carolina, and Colorado. I’ll let you know how this pans out. If I only do ONE trip this year, that’s better than nothin’.
  2. Bike the Katy Trail. So many talk about this, but never set a real goal. I’m going to set a real goal. It might only be 25 miles, but by God – I’m doing it.
  3. Spend at least one hour a week with a good friend. Good friends are hard to find and I have learned that social media and – oh, I don’t know, a global pandemic – can thwart the best of intentions. My two closest friends have always got my back even when I know I’m in the middle of something they don’t get or approve of. As Luke Bryant says “Nobody gets a second chance to make new old friends…” And my best friends…the ones who really love me…are always there for me.
  4. Save a chunk of change. I’m not going to disclose how much, but it’s enough to put a down payment on a condo somewhere far (very, very far) the fuck away from here.
  5. Change my name. It might just be my last name, but I’m shooting for the whole kit-n-kaboodle. If people can change their gender (which, hey, whatever – I support it) then I can change my name. Plus, maybe I’ll be harder to locate 🙂
  6. Learn to Ice Skate. In fact, I’m signing up for classes ON MY BIRTHDAY.
  7. Learn to Swing Dance. I don’t have a partner…but maybe I’ll meet some great folks who aren’t afraid to look like fools.
  8. Learn to grill a steak. I hate depending on someone else to grill my steak. My days of depending on another human to feed me are over. End of discussion.
  9. Take another trip all alone. Refer to my first item…I think this can be a two-fer.
  10. Run a 5K. I hate to run, so I’m leaving this one open to ‘edit’ 🙂 but hopefully my trainer, Adam, will get me here.
  11. Wear a white dress to a funeral. I mean, let’s be positive and eccentric.
  12. Finish my book. I realized I’ve left poor Jake and Delany hanging. I didn’t write a single sentence in their saga over the last year.