Change in the Heartland


So, it has been awhile, has it not?  I have no real excuse other than I’ve strayed from my simple life. I took on too much responsibility, took in too many items because the blank spaces needed to be filled, and all that left me shaking my head in dismay. “Freedom,” my soul whispered. “Find your freedom.”

Then, out of the blue, my husband begins to talk about change. Consider selling everything. Do something totally radical. Why? I asked. “Because we can.” he said.

Because we can. Because we can. Because we can. Because we can!

You know, I’ve been in the business field for a long time. Two graduate degrees and management theories galore to prove it. I know a business can succeed if they base decisions on values; if they have a mission / vision statement. Why can’t people have those to?

We got to work sorting out the values we hold dear: Simplicity, Knowledge, Experiences, Financial Freedom, Creative (Artistic) Expression. We began thinking about the most important ‘job’ we have: To raise our son.

The problem isn’t that we didn’t know these things. The problem is that we have allowed other ‘stuff’ to creep into our life preventing us from focusing on our values and truly giving our son a life for which he will look back and, hopefully, be grateful.

So, join me again, on a journey. A journey to create the life we’ve wanted. A journey to enable us to place a higher priority on those values we cherish and to spend time with the one we hold dear.

Stay tuned for some radical, epic activity.


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